Course Lessons
Course:The Journey To Prema
Category:Bhakti Yoga
Sponsor:IPBYS Bhakti Yoga Prison Program
Teacher(s):Bhakta Carl Sheppard (Under the direction of Smt Vasanti Didi)
Course Format:Online PDF documents, Printed Materials, Audio tracks (if available)
Pre Requisite:Basic 6th grade education to read and understand.
About the Course:Presents the Vedic Philosophy of Bhakti Yoga from very basic level and builds step by step until one understands the higher levels of bhakti. Usage of Sanksrit words will be very minimum.

Following is the list of available Lessons for you! To read or download, please click on the lesson title.
To listen or download the audio (if available), click on the audio link.

Lesson#Lesson TitleAudio
0000-Welcome Letter 20160906.pdfNot Available
0101-Lesson 01 20160917.pdfNot Available
0202-Lesson 02 20160916.pdfNot Available
0303-Lesson 03 20160916.pdfNot Available
0404-Lesson 04 20160916.pdfNot Available
0505-Lesson 05 20160916.pdfNot Available
0606-Lesson 06 20160916.pdfNot Available
0707-Lesson 07 20170422.pdfNot Available
0808-Lesson 08 20170417.pdfNot Available
0909-Lesson 09 20170422.pdfNot Available
1010-Lesson 10 20170422.pdfNot Available
1111-Lesson 11 20170422.pdfNot Available
1212-Lesson 12 20170422.pdfNot Available
1313-Lesson 13 20170422.pdfNot Available
1414-Lesson 14 20160916.pdfNot Available
1515-Lesson 15 20170625.pdfNot Available
1616-Lesson 16 20170103.pdfNot Available
1717-Lesson 17 20170625.pdfNot Available
1818-Lesson 18 20170625.pdfNot Available
1919-Lesson 19 20170625.pdfNot Available
2020-Lesson 20 20170625.pdfNot Available
2121-Lesson 21 20161207.pdfNot Available
2222-Lesson 22 20170119.pdfNot Available
2323-Lesson 23 20170413.pdfNot Available
2424-Lesson 24 20170805.pdfNot Available
2525-Lesson 25 20170925.pdfNot Available
9999-Death Row Project 20160509.pdfNot Available

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